even while we rest.

A few nights ago I was sitting between my sleeping babies, awake. Israel was gone. I had nothing to do but go to sleep. And I was tired. So that's what I did. But before I went to bed I had to get past my urge to write. Usually, when my babies are asleep and … Continue reading even while we rest.

Be Kind. And Naps.

Some days I feel like I just need this permanently etched in my skin. Love is kind. Love is kind. Love is kind. Today was one of those days. I didn't think to get my pen out and actually give myself a visual today. I should have. My patience starts to wear thin when the … Continue reading Be Kind. And Naps.

sleep these days. . .

(Ranger found this app...i had never used it before. Lol.) Apparently adding another baby to the house is a big deal for the now dethroned youngest of the family. Switching nighttime caregivers (from mommy to daddy) adds a little stress and takes away a bit of sleep for all involved. The first few days after … Continue reading sleep these days. . .