even while we rest.

A few nights ago I was sitting between my sleeping babies, awake. Israel was gone. I had nothing to do but go to sleep. And I was tired. So that's what I did. But before I went to bed I had to get past my urge to write. Usually, when my babies are asleep and … Continue reading even while we rest.

Be Kind. And Naps.

Some days I feel like I just need this permanently etched in my skin. Love is kind. Love is kind. Love is kind. Today was one of those days. I didn't think to get my pen out and actually give myself a visual today. I should have. My patience starts to wear thin when the … Continue reading Be Kind. And Naps.

sleep these days. . .

(Ranger found this app...i had never used it before. Lol.) Apparently adding another baby to the house is a big deal for the now dethroned youngest of the family. Switching nighttime caregivers (from mommy to daddy) adds a little stress and takes away a bit of sleep for all involved. The first few days after … Continue reading sleep these days. . .

The Ritual of Random

My honey got me a prettypretty new ring as a surprise today because he loves me :) I love it and may post pictures if sufficiently coerced. Reading the Pioneer Woman's cookbook (The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food from My Frontier) makes me want to drink wine out of mason jars. Even though I don't really … Continue reading The Ritual of Random

No cry sleep situation: episode 4.

Not too long ago day 50 of our sleep plan came and went. The developments were not lovely. Nor did I record them with any accuracy. Our trip to the south took a vicious toll on our baby sleep dreams. We have been home more than 2 weeks and he still has not returned to … Continue reading No cry sleep situation: episode 4.

habits, no auto save feature, and thrifting

The lad is finally asleep. He clucked and squawked and shrieked so much that I gave up for a while and read while he calmed down playing in his crib. It's one of those lessons in baby I wonder if I'll ever figure out. Or he'll ever figure out. Who's responsible for making the baby … Continue reading habits, no auto save feature, and thrifting

Day 21: successful day of refreshing my life.

I am ridiculously tired today. Sometime between getting back from our trip on thursday and this afternoon, Ranger decided he'd rather not take naps (unless maybe if we work really hard to make him) and he's stuck on Georgia time. Meaning he wakes up at 6 AM and by the time his normal bedtime rolls … Continue reading Day 21: successful day of refreshing my life.