Choose How to Tell It. 

I've been mulling over what to tell and how and when and to who and why. And how what we tell can be used or meant for good or bad or average reasons.   Because the words are there.  Waiting.  Somedays I feel like telling so many things they seem to get stuck on the way … Continue reading Choose How to Tell It. 

21: schedule

I think this part of my challenge is going to take the most work for me. It is hard to commit to a schedule-ish thing when I have been used to just winging it and doing whatever I want whenever for the last few years (ok, mostly just while I was in college). I think … Continue reading 21: schedule

Pull back: the “unfriend” zone.

The last few months I've had the weird urge to pare down my Facebook friends list. Not because I really dislike being connected with so many people. It just felt like too much. Too much exposure to people I'm not really close to. Too much need to edit what I post because of having too … Continue reading Pull back: the “unfriend” zone.