31 Days: Adaptable 

I've chosen a topic and posted every day for the last four Octobers. These yearly forays into writing more and topics hit the perfect sweet spot between requirement and creativity. Each year has been an adventure.  This year will be the first I've not chosen the topic weeks in advance and done some writing ahead … Continue reading 31 Days: Adaptable 

Trust Rest :: soul calm {10/31 and FMF}

I just woke up from another nap. I am napping a lot these days. Every day for the last few weeks and a few times a week in the weeks leading up. Something about pregnancy and having a baby can wear a body out. Rather quickly and thoroughly. Letting myself take naps has been a … Continue reading Trust Rest :: soul calm {10/31 and FMF}

Family :: Soul Calm {2/31 and FMF}

I've left my Fridays for Five Minute Friday words during this month-long series. I need to leave room for spontaneity in my life instead of relying on my formulas and to-do lists.  So here's five minutes from me on the word announced last night: -----    The calm (or lack thereof) of my outer life … Continue reading Family :: Soul Calm {2/31 and FMF}