Double Runner!

Today I had my first run with my newest favorite running accessory! :) They both eventually fell asleep! I'd call that a success! :) Ali had a few minutes of fussing before she settled and got comfortable, but the end result was 2 miles, 2 sleeping babies and a happy runner momma :) (Ali at … Continue reading Double Runner!

Ranger’s cold weather running gear.

Also Ranger wanted to show you his layers for colder weather running. Today. It was about 45 degrees when we started and this outfit was just fine. He wears a hat and a hoodie... Usually sweats and a longsleeve onsie, but today the jammies were cozy. Now throw on a nice thick pair of oversized … Continue reading Ranger’s cold weather running gear.

It’s Race T-shirt Monday! :)

It is now time for another race recap - The Women's Fitness Celebration. I had a lot of fun. There was a huge crowd. It was a good atmosphere and my fan-section was topnotch :) As you can probably see from the pictures. The one at the top of the post was taken after the … Continue reading It’s Race T-shirt Monday! :)

The race. The run.

I race to run. I run to race. Something about racing just inspires you to run more. To do better. To train harder and to be faster. It's strange. Yesterday I ran my first race in two years (and my third ever race). The annual Harvest Classic in my hometown! Last year I watched my … Continue reading The race. The run.

Running Realizations

I have bunches of sore muscles I am much less likely to get bored while running if I throw in some speed work. I've found things like intervals and running with negative splits to be really fun and just make the miles fly by. All two of them. Lol :) I upped my long run … Continue reading Running Realizations


This week marked the 5th week of my lovely life with the jogging stroller! It has been pretty sweet. This is the first time I've been this consistent with running sinceI played soccer when I was little! I have run between 4 and 6 days a week since we were blessed with the contraption of … Continue reading Runningness

It’s so hot! 10 Things to Consider when Running with a Baby

The babe and I are conducting a nap time and I decided that instead of attempting sleep or paging through thousands of pins on that dreadful timewaster, but debatably useful, site dubbed Pinterest...I should write a blog post. And look at this! Here I am for the third time this month! (how is it the … Continue reading It’s so hot! 10 Things to Consider when Running with a Baby

The listlessness of it all.

This place has been in dire need of some random lists. This one is super random in that I haven't premeditated what I want to say in it. That should make up for the lack of lists in the last few weeks right? Haha. Anyways. Here you go. If you are ever uninspired to write … Continue reading The listlessness of it all.