Eyes Fiercely Shut

I wrote much of the body of this post almost a year ago. I just haven't gotten brave enough to post it. But since it is seeming like more and more of the stories I want to tell are hinging on this one - the unravelling of my unswerving acceptance of gender roles and gender … Continue reading Eyes Fiercely Shut

God has your life – why I’m ok on church vacation

God has your life in His hands all planned out. It's crazy. Each step in your life plays into His plan. That's the only reason I'm ok with not going to church right now. God's got it. And I see how He prepared me for it. When I was growing up, we went to church. … Continue reading God has your life – why I’m ok on church vacation

A Tale of Two – The week between…1

Beginning of the story I left Boise monday morning. Leaving was hard, but knowing we'd see each other saturday morning was helpful. My flights on the way back went well (go figure) and I was able to sleep well on a plane forthe first time ever (luckily). I got to santiago tuesday morning just in … Continue reading A Tale of Two – The week between…1

a tale of two: distance and decision

Part 1 can be found here. Since our 6 month anniversary is coming up, I thought it might be time for another installment of our story together. Read part 1 if you haven't yet, but part 2 starts with distance and ends with a decision made well. I flew to Santiago, Chile for a semester … Continue reading a tale of two: distance and decision

oh the age of horizontal driver’s licenses

Yes, yes I did go and turn 21. Last week  I renewed my driver's license and I am now the proud owner of a lovely grownup horizontal Idaho license. Ok maybe that's not so cool. But I was excited call me weird. In Idaho, the young'uns get tagged with a vertical license. I'm guessing it's … Continue reading oh the age of horizontal driver’s licenses

Good Friday

Hello Peoples, Today is Good Friday. The shops are closed and it's officially a national holiday. For which fact I thankful :) That means I don't have to sit around and feel bad for not doing anything. I can sit around and know that I can't really be doing anything because things are all (hypothetically) … Continue reading Good Friday

last week. this week

I've very slowly been checking off my list of things to do and see. Last week! Last Thursday I went shopping with a friend and found a style of pants that I wanted for cheap. Saturday a group of us went to Cajon de Maipu and found a glacier!!! :) That was really cool :) … Continue reading last week. this week


Language skills. So its gotten surprisingly normal to not be able to say exactly what I want. The starts and stops of stuttering new language are manageable. not an insurmountable force to overcome in communicating what I want to say. It helps that people are pretty good at inferring and they understand that I'm not … Continue reading Normal