Classes Classes Classes

How are my classes going? Quite well thanks! I thought I'd give you all an update as to what I'm taking and how they seem. so far so good. I have 4 classes of three credit hours each and 1 week long field study to the south that counts as one credit. For a total … Continue reading Classes Classes Classes

Los quehaceres

Or in other words: My list of things to do (or possibly do) in Chile :) Cerro San Cristobol - A huge hill in the middle of the city with a couple swimming pools, a zoo, a couple different gardens, and a sweet view from the top. Go to a mall or two! (and maybe … Continue reading Los quehaceres

Something about 4 weeks

So it came! a couple of days ago I hit the 4 week mark. It's encouraging and motivating at the same time. Before this point I was feeling unmotivated to do things, lost in my spanish, accomplishing nothing in my classes, and not doing nearly everything that I wanted to do. But somehow that 4 … Continue reading Something about 4 weeks

Random comments from chile.

Don’t put lotion on right before you go out. Your legs will turn black. I looked down one afternoon after taking a quick jaunt to somewhere and I had black streaks up and down my legs. I think the streaky part was from my random habit of standing like a flamingo. but there was definitely … Continue reading Random comments from chile.

The first week of school

Well, my first week of school is complete! How about I honor it with a list of randomness, yeah? ok. I have classes Monday - Thursday. Monday-Wednesday I have class from 9:35-11 and 2-5:15 and Thursday I only have class from 9:35 to 11. I got my classes figured out. I don't have to take another semester … Continue reading The first week of school

Thursday: lots of spanish

Thursday began too early, we had breakfast at 8:30. After breakfast we had our second orientation session. The director of the program talked with us about what classes we were going to take. As it turns out I cannot take the two classes I already have books for. oh well. Business Spanish, an elective in … Continue reading Thursday: lots of spanish

The longest day ever.

So Wednesday seemed like the longest day ever. Something about only sleeping two hours in a plane the night before and waiting to do things makes the days seem longer. Where were (look at that alliteration) well.  It was very warm when we left the airport. We left by bus and drove a ways … Continue reading The longest day ever.


The day started out in an almost perfect way: with a beautiful sunrise.  I hugged my dad goodbye before he went to work, let my brothers and mom load my bags into the car while I packed last minute things. The trip began, we had to turn around to retrieve one forgotten thing for the … Continue reading Traveling