Classes Classes Classes

How are my classes going? Quite well thanks! I thought I'd give you all an update as to what I'm taking and how they seem. so far so good. I have 4 classes of three credit hours each and 1 week long field study to the south that counts as one credit. For a total … Continue reading Classes Classes Classes

Something about 4 weeks

So it came! a couple of days ago I hit the 4 week mark. It's encouraging and motivating at the same time. Before this point I was feeling unmotivated to do things, lost in my spanish, accomplishing nothing in my classes, and not doing nearly everything that I wanted to do. But somehow that 4 … Continue reading Something about 4 weeks

The first week of school

Well, my first week of school is complete! How about I honor it with a list of randomness, yeah? ok. I have classes Monday - Thursday. Monday-Wednesday I have class from 9:35-11 and 2-5:15 and Thursday I only have class from 9:35 to 11. I got my classes figured out. I don't have to take another semester … Continue reading The first week of school