last week. this week

I've very slowly been checking off my list of things to do and see. Last week! Last Thursday I went shopping with a friend and found a style of pants that I wanted for cheap. Saturday a group of us went to Cajon de Maipu and found a glacier!!! :) That was really cool :) … Continue reading last week. this week


Language skills. So its gotten surprisingly normal to not be able to say exactly what I want. The starts and stops of stuttering new language are manageable. not an insurmountable force to overcome in communicating what I want to say. It helps that people are pretty good at inferring and they understand that I'm not … Continue reading Normal

Classes Classes Classes

How are my classes going? Quite well thanks! I thought I'd give you all an update as to what I'm taking and how they seem. so far so good. I have 4 classes of three credit hours each and 1 week long field study to the south that counts as one credit. For a total … Continue reading Classes Classes Classes