Small decisions in favor of not fighting {Whole Together Family}

The kids finally started playing nicely after a morning of irreverent shouting at each other, not to mention the last week or so of tired snarling while recovering from our trip. I mean, they are sweethearts, too, as are all kids, but we all have our days. And this last week has been a series … Continue reading Small decisions in favor of not fighting {Whole Together Family}

Shake off the Shoulds! {#wholemama}

So it's summer! It's the season for swimming, hot weather, sunscreen, growing things, early morning hiking, camping, exploring, normal life, and often anything to escape the heat. We just had our first glimpse of summer weather: 90F and above. With three little kids we have to do something to get outside everyday. They for some reason … Continue reading Shake off the Shoulds! {#wholemama}

What I’m Into | August 2015

August was hot, smoky, and spent primarily indoors. We managed to get through dentist appointments, doctor's appointments, prenatal appointments, jury duty and what felt like way to many things.  What I'm into: Craft time! I introduced the kids to scissors and gluesticks. And then my aunt introduced them to Color Wonder (you know those markers … Continue reading What I’m Into | August 2015

Celebratory Pause and Baby Countdown! {#WholeMama} 

We are counting down the days til this baby is due to make an appearance. At least I am. We have about 4.5 weeks and I am so looking forward to it.  But with that knowledge comes the need to get things done. I am slated for a week of jury duty next week. I'm … Continue reading Celebratory Pause and Baby Countdown! {#WholeMama} 

Happy Things

Friends getting married. Lilacs in July. The epic adventures of my husband. Chubby running buddies. Making sunshine. brilliant baby smiles. Summer sweetness. Easy food in the freezer. Toddler cheese. ---- What some happy things in your life these days?

A Day in the life: Summer.

This was our monday. :) ----- Teething is a nasty thing when sleep is involved. She had a big lump on her bottom gums and one on the top last night. She is finally getting ready for teeth 2 and 3. But sleep. alas. She could not sleep on her own. So she and I … Continue reading A Day in the life: Summer.

The Bump of July {summer maternity series}

This will be the bump of july-ish. Since I only got about a thrid of the outfits. Ah well :) interesting anyway. These are weeks 30-34. It's getting closer! --- I had fun with this blue dress. It was so cute I had to find a way I felt comfortable wearing it. I added my … Continue reading The Bump of July {summer maternity series}

The June Bump {summer maternity series}

Summer is officially here. This next week is going to be hothothot. It will be interesting. I've been very sporadic in remembering to take pictures of my outfits. I think I only remember when I feel especially put together or cute. Ha. I shall try to be more honest with you all and take pictures … Continue reading The June Bump {summer maternity series}