Just Five Things {the kind side}

Notes of creative encouragement: It's ok not to know why you're drawn to these creative projects. You don't have to explain it to anyone. Be free to do the things that call to you and ignore the things that don't. Explore! It's ok to be a beginner. You belong right here.  Just because what you're doing … Continue reading Just Five Things {the kind side}

choose a simple start {the kind side}

For when perfection, or just wanting to get it right the first try, is stopping you from trying something: It doesn't have to be perfect. Sometimes it is too easy to skip doing something all together or putting something off indefinitely because you're worried it's not going to be good enough. But just a reminder: … Continue reading choose a simple start {the kind side}

You’re not too late {the kind side}

You're late. It's ok. You can still start. You can still participate. You can still proceed. It's no big deal. Other people started before you, don't let that keep you from jumping in. You are not too late. This thing you are starting IS for people like you who forget and also have lives outside … Continue reading You’re not too late {the kind side}