On Writing and Not {superfluous reflections}

          Writing.  I've been so inspired lately.  I've gotten a lot done and spend the days improving and editing.            Not. I've been editing my house and making it pretty because when it's pretty I want to keep it clean.  And I just keep having ideas lately.  … Continue reading On Writing and Not {superfluous reflections}

The Daily and Random.

I have not written here in two weeks! How did that happen? I feel like we've been busy, but I think I've just been uninspired and quiet. And thinking of many other things that need more contemplation before hitting the 'post' button. I also rather rapidly inhaled a series of fiction on my sister's reccomendation. … Continue reading The Daily and Random.

Verbing: Present Progressive. First Person.

Copying Amanda. Because that's what good little sisters do. My mom always told us it was a compliment. Even though when we were little it was annoying and we did it to be annoying. Ha :) That took the fun out of it for the copier and made it endurable for the one being copied, … Continue reading Verbing: Present Progressive. First Person.

Closing in.

The days between now and our new little one are getting to be fewer and fewer! Since she could technically be just as late as Ranger was, this time I'm not counting down the days til the 'due' date. I'm just happy with the knowledge that each day is a step closer. Pretty exciting. Meanwhile … Continue reading Closing in.