On Writing and Not {superfluous reflections}

          Writing.  I've been so inspired lately.  I've gotten a lot done and spend the days improving and editing.            Not. I've been editing my house and making it pretty because when it's pretty I want to keep it clean.  And I just keep having ideas lately.  … Continue reading On Writing and Not {superfluous reflections}

The Daily and Random.

I have not written here in two weeks! How did that happen? I feel like we've been busy, but I think I've just been uninspired and quiet. And thinking of many other things that need more contemplation before hitting the 'post' button. I also rather rapidly inhaled a series of fiction on my sister's reccomendation. … Continue reading The Daily and Random.

Verbing: Present Progressive. First Person.

Copying Amanda. Because that's what good little sisters do. My mom always told us it was a compliment. Even though when we were little it was annoying and we did it to be annoying. Ha :) That took the fun out of it for the copier and made it endurable for the one being copied, … Continue reading Verbing: Present Progressive. First Person.