What I’m Into | August 2015

August was hot, smoky, and spent primarily indoors. We managed to get through dentist appointments, doctor's appointments, prenatal appointments, jury duty and what felt like way to many things.  What I'm into: Craft time! I introduced the kids to scissors and gluesticks. And then my aunt introduced them to Color Wonder (you know those markers … Continue reading What I’m Into | August 2015

House Thoughts: Purpose and Personality

"If we show up with hands filled with perfection, then why would we need to think at all? What would life ever require of us? There would be no need for creativity. A technician has missing pieces and can't continue the job. An artist knows that the mess-ups and the limits are where the fun … Continue reading House Thoughts: Purpose and Personality

Stream of consciousness: spending words

The last couple days Israel has been out of town on business, so ranger and I have been left to go it alone. And I have had extra words building up apparently. This post wasn't going to be this long. But ah well. Here we are anyway. The last couple days. For your pleasure and … Continue reading Stream of consciousness: spending words

Life is busy!

Hello again, It's been a while and a lot has happened here these last two weeks. We've celebrated Ranger's first birthday (you'll get an update as soon as I can steal pictures from my husband), gotten house details sorted out and taken care of, had an ultrasound, israel worked and worked as usual, and tonight … Continue reading Life is busy!

habits, no auto save feature, and thrifting

The lad is finally asleep. He clucked and squawked and shrieked so much that I gave up for a while and read while he calmed down playing in his crib. It's one of those lessons in baby I wonder if I'll ever figure out. Or he'll ever figure out. Who's responsible for making the baby … Continue reading habits, no auto save feature, and thrifting

Day 13: Epic finds!

Today Arianna was in charge of the schedule as our husbands were off being wedding photographers on a Saturday morning. We left soon after they did cramming 3 kiddos in the back of the car. Our first stop was basically a huge yardsale (if anyone's in Birmingham it's called Kid's Market). It is twice a … Continue reading Day 13: Epic finds!