The #WholeMama Dances Through It {from Rose Shepley}

By Rose Shepley The #WholeMama Dances Through It I have strong memories of both of my mothers dancing. My mama would dance around the HoneySuckle Rose, the bar she tended for most of my childhood. My step-mama danced around the house, and on a few occasions she danced on friends’ porches like she was dancing … Continue reading The #WholeMama Dances Through It {from Rose Shepley}

Time and Contentment :: soul calm {21/31}

I need to grab hold of time. I always want to all the things. I'm always reaching into the future. Hoping, dreaming, making plans and lists. Languages, running, reading, learning to write, caring for my kids, investing in community, making new friends, traveling, spending loads of quality time with my husband, teaching my kids. Any … Continue reading Time and Contentment :: soul calm {21/31}

Space to be Whole {#wholemama}

Space to be whole.  I've been wondering lately if I've been leaving myself enough space to be whole. I work to fill each moment of my day with something useful or productive in an attempt to be whole. Reading, cleaning, cooking, shopping, writing, herding my kids. And then the social media habit. Those are probably … Continue reading Space to be Whole {#wholemama}