The band on my watch is cracking. After five years of nearly constant use it's finally giving way. That's a long time to wear a watch. The tan lines deeply engrained across the skin of my wrist make me wonder of perhaps I should go without now and again. vanity or sanity. How attached to … Continue reading Time

On Doing and Not. An Interesting Dichotomy.

Summer is busy for me. And I love it because it is busy. At the end of the day I always feel happily worn out and that I have accomplished something of note. But for me, I have to watch that feeling of accomplishment because sometimes I do things just to do them and spread … Continue reading On Doing and Not. An Interesting Dichotomy.

The Habit of Being Home {life intentionally}

All too often I get distracted with my writing for the sake of writing (hello, short lived fame of being freshly pressed!) instead of writing out of a place of fullness and reflection in my life. My writing gets stale and my babies get cranky. So this month I'm going to be getting into my … Continue reading The Habit of Being Home {life intentionally}