Adventure Calls {just a quote}

People are willing to be brave when they admit their smallness within the enormity of the world, and the best way to understand our smallness is to leave our comfort zones and start exploring, one foot in front of the other. When we go on an adventure, we'd better understand where we truly belong. Tsh … Continue reading Adventure Calls {just a quote}

Quotes and links – june

I can't believe it is July already! Here are some quotes to start the month, some wonderful posts to read, and a hilarious video for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy :) ~~~~~~~~~~ YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO SEE THE DIFFERENCE THAT YOU’RE MAKING, THE LIVES YOU’RE TOUCHING, THE JOY YOU’RE BRINGING. BUT IT’S THERE. IT’S REAL. … Continue reading Quotes and links – june

oh the age of horizontal driver’s licenses

Yes, yes I did go and turn 21. Last week  I renewed my driver's license and I am now the proud owner of a lovely grownup horizontal Idaho license. Ok maybe that's not so cool. But I was excited call me weird. In Idaho, the young'uns get tagged with a vertical license. I'm guessing it's … Continue reading oh the age of horizontal driver’s licenses