12 for 12: a little self-examination.

With the beginning of the year I've been thinking on the direction I'd like to go with this blog. I've been wondering if I need to narrow down the focus or if I can continue to post everythng random as it occurs in my busy life. It is an interesting question. But in reviewing my … Continue reading 12 for 12: a little self-examination.

Five Minute Friday on Sunday…. Quiet

There has been a quiet in my brain recently. A lack of going back and forth with words I want to say. A dearth of noise, distraction and wondering. I read, I think, I make , I eat, I stay. Words fail me for a while and I am left quiet. What to write? Do … Continue reading Five Minute Friday on Sunday…. Quiet

31 Days to Focus and Refresh: Season Finale New Habits

A few days ago I mentioned to my husband that in a few days I would be able to get on Facebook again and I was excited. He was less than thrilled. In fact, he was not even pleased. It shows what a horribly irresponsible user of social media I was. *shameface* Really when I … Continue reading 31 Days to Focus and Refresh: Season Finale New Habits

Voice {Five Minute Friday}

Voice. It's a thing that writers have. This certain way of telling a story that lets you know it's them and not someone else. It's like the King James Bible full of thee's and thou's. But. Voice. A voice. Everyone has one. The way of speaking that comes most naturally is in your own voice. … Continue reading Voice {Five Minute Friday}

My lack of adherance to the rules of “intentional blogging” and why you should love me anyway.

Recently I subscribed to 15 day series on writing tips. At the same time I signed up for a 12 week course (delivered weekly to my inbox) on intentional blogging. I thought "sure, why not? It's free!" The information stormed into my email, beat down my carefully constructed walls of self-worth and left me wondering … Continue reading My lack of adherance to the rules of “intentional blogging” and why you should love me anyway.


The bright blue sky that fills my mind is something of a masterpiece. The voice to describe that bright blue masterpiece leaves little to the imagination. It is art. It is me. Catch the sky and tell the world how bright it really is. Feel the blue. Taste the warmth. It's where we're most alive. … Continue reading Blue

The listlessness of it all.

This place has been in dire need of some random lists. This one is super random in that I haven't premeditated what I want to say in it. That should make up for the lack of lists in the last few weeks right? Haha. Anyways. Here you go. If you are ever uninspired to write … Continue reading The listlessness of it all.

spelling music

Just now I have the wish that these keys played music. Instead of typing words these abstract symbols would form notes and feelings. and these plastic coated keys would bring the same relief I've found in those coated in ivory. Strong chords spelling peace for the soul. joy for the heart. creativity for the mind. … Continue reading spelling music