spelling music

Just now I have the wish that these keys played music. Instead of typing words these abstract symbols would form notes and feelings. and these plastic coated keys would bring the same relief I've found in those coated in ivory. Strong chords spelling peace for the soul. joy for the heart. creativity for the mind. … Continue reading spelling music

Five Minute Friday – Opportunity

This week the word is opportunity and now is the time to link up with the Gypsy Mama, write out  your five minute, no edits done thoughtwork. Be sure to join us here and read the official rules. Also if you do write your own, leave me a link in your comments so we can … Continue reading Five Minute Friday – Opportunity

deeper living – the heart behind this voice

As I have exited the world of college students and guided thought, my place of learning has changed from that of a classroom to something less formal and less academic, but more challenging and more self-led. I am discovering the need to continue thinking deeply; processing opinions, forming mine, analyzing and seeing the differences in … Continue reading deeper living – the heart behind this voice