Daily Brave {#wholemama}

I am not brave. But then I am. I play it safe sometimes, but then big decisions and little alike push me past my tolerance and I move ahead: Brave and trembling. Willing or not. I push ahead and fear pushes back. I win and lose, but then it's really winning. As long as I … Continue reading Daily Brave {#wholemama}

Settle in for the Long Haul {#wholemama}

It used to be that settling was a bad thing. Settle for second best, settle for a B on a test, settle for the right area to live in. It was an acquiescing of my desires to possibility, ability, or chance. Last time I "settled" I settled for leaning into writing instead of going to … Continue reading Settle in for the Long Haul {#wholemama}

The Want in Desire {#Wholemama}

We got our first Christmas catalog in the mail the other day. I watched both my kids sit down and look at it closely, turning the pages slowly as they examined pictures of wooden trains, baby dolls, building sets, books, games, and the plethora of normal that is the American child’s dream. They’re little still … Continue reading The Want in Desire {#Wholemama}