a hopeful alternative to bad days and good days

In our house, with these three little kids, we can get a little dramatic. To say the least. My kids will groan loudly about how terrible their day is just because they have to put away a toy, do a job, or -heaven help us - find and put on their shoes. Much to my … Continue reading a hopeful alternative to bad days and good days

You don’t have to keep up {Notes from the Kind Side}

I always want to jump in with all the plans: Write 31 days? I'm in! NaNoWrimo? If I had any sort of idea for a novel and maybe a touch more time you can bet I'd try it. The 100 Day Project? Yes, of course! This project started as my 100 day project last summer. … Continue reading You don’t have to keep up {Notes from the Kind Side}

Self-Doubt {Notes from the Kind Side}

Just because the doubting voices live in your brain doesn't mean you have to listen to them. "You're not good enough." "This is not good enough." "Someone else already is doing this or could do it better." "It's too late." "I don't have time." "It won't work." "It won't matter." "Why bother." These are what … Continue reading Self-Doubt {Notes from the Kind Side}

Process over Progress – making goals with kids in mind.

This year I want to do things with my kids a little more. It's not a new thing. In the past I've made goals like: "Do something with the kids everyday." "Play more games." "Teach them to read." "Read to them every day." But these small goals always seem to go by the wayside after … Continue reading Process over Progress – making goals with kids in mind.

A little independence {Whole Together Family 22/31}

The kids were adamant they wanted to go the steep way. The trail the just goes straight up one of our most frequented hills has always been their favorite. I tend to beg off because I end up carrying someone, the one with the shortest legs who shall not be named, at least part of … Continue reading A little independence {Whole Together Family 22/31}

Us-Schooling {Whole Together Family 3/31}

If you ask me how school is going I'll probably give a friendly smile and say it's going great and they're learning everything. Just don't ask me to elaborate, because I have yet to find a pleasant and succinct way of telling curious acquaintances what we are doing for our kids' education in a reassuring … Continue reading Us-Schooling {Whole Together Family 3/31}

Adjusting Focus {Whole Together Family 2/31}

A few years ago, I cohosted a weekly series and linkup called Wholemama. We wrote once a week on a one word prompt and we wrote about how even as we have all these separate roles, each one informs and builds the other. We wrote about how our creative, spiritual, and mothering roles all interwound … Continue reading Adjusting Focus {Whole Together Family 2/31}

Whole Together Family {31 Days 2018}

"Oh, I could never do that." That's a classic response when people hear we're homeschooling/unschooling. If that's you, trust me, if you wanted to do it, you could. It'd be fine. You would find what is right for you and your family. (Maybe you actually can't and that's completely fine. God has that figured out … Continue reading Whole Together Family {31 Days 2018}