Darkness {five minute friday}

It’s a season of feelings I don’t really want to record. Sadness. Grief. Confusion. Annoyance. Regret. Anger. Overwhelm. Mixed in with all the usual good contained in our everyday life, grieving my younger sister has been such a confusing process. I’ve found that losing someone leaves a haze over my clarity, a damper on my … Continue reading Darkness {five minute friday}

Use the Yet {The Kind Side}

I love to look through facebook and instragram. It helps me to find those graphics with words about ideals and helping our kids grow up well. I usuall share them to my stories or my feed depending on where I find them. Sometimes I add commentary. Sometimes I don't. Last week I found myself beginning … Continue reading Use the Yet {The Kind Side}

What’s Your Pace? {Five Minute Friday}

"Pick up the pace." (I think you should go faster.) "Pace yourself." (I think you need to slow down so you don't run out of energy.) "Go your own pace." (I think you know how fast you should go.) In one moment or another, all of these admonishments might apply to me. I might initially … Continue reading What’s Your Pace? {Five Minute Friday}

One Thing {The Kind Side}

https://www.instagram.com/p/By_4yBLhm9A/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet One of the people I follow on Instagram reposted this from @theresgoodinstore this morning and I thought it was altogether just right for this morning's Kind Side note. I always want to know how everything will work out and where all the details will fall. I want to have peace made and pieces picked … Continue reading One Thing {The Kind Side}

Feeling frustrated and annoyed? {Notes from the Kind Side}

Yesterday I realized I often feel critical of myself when I feel annoyed or upset with situations in my life. I can be looking around finding all the things that need doing or haven't been done feeling frustrated with the situation, but then it can easily devolve into feeling frustrated with how I feel about … Continue reading Feeling frustrated and annoyed? {Notes from the Kind Side}

Outlining Family Wholeness (10 things I’m learning – Whole Together Family)

I've been thinking about what this idea of Whole Together Family means to me. I'd love to someday have a manifesto that tells the vision more coherently, but that's somewhere down the line. Because right now I'm just figuring it out, thinking out loud, and piecing it together for me. But even just having this … Continue reading Outlining Family Wholeness (10 things I’m learning – Whole Together Family)

Opportunity to laugh {Five Minute Friday}

We have a chance to decide how to look at things. Sometimes it's easier to be annoyed by the small stuff. Just irked at every possible turn. Mad at all the outcomes that didn't turn out quite how we imagined. Or just annoyed at all the ridiculous around you. I know a lot of stuff … Continue reading Opportunity to laugh {Five Minute Friday}

Four Basics of any Day-Saving Plan with Littles {Whole Together Family}

https://www.instagram.com/p/Bwu89FCh8-w/ Today we had easter candy and then took a hike. It was a normal thing to do, but also a strategic move on my part. I'm getting crafty and a little more aware with each year of mothering littles. This is what happened. Last night I had a few hours of writing time at … Continue reading Four Basics of any Day-Saving Plan with Littles {Whole Together Family}