Mend {#Wholemama}

----- Mend is a gentle word. It takes the preexisting pieces, torn or worn, shredded maybe, and coaxes them back together. Glue, thread, buttons, patches. The kind of mending that maintains the reality of the brokenness and tucks the fraying edges into safe places as the whole piece continues to be used in the way … Continue reading Mend {#Wholemama}

Adventure {#wholemama}

Sometimes in the middle of my everyday I find myself longing for adventure. You know the type where you fly off and only have yourself to entertain. Then, preferably, you are surrounded by a foreign language and off to explore new places and see beautiful things. That is my favorite type of adventure. However thinking … Continue reading Adventure {#wholemama}

Not Fearless {#Wholemama}

(I used to write in this half-poetical manner a bit more,but have lapsed in favor of full sentences. But this is where today took me and I hope you'll bear with my formatting and fragmentation, because poetry. And experimentation. And art.) ----- Fear. Fear repeats fear and never a word more. s p i r … Continue reading Not Fearless {#Wholemama}

Presence {Amelia Richardson Dress for #wholemama}

   By Amelia Richardson Dress ----- “Let your presence be your gift.” The words were embossed in gold on a creamy wedding invitation. I let them swirl around on my tongue and relished their silky feel. The play on words was luxurious and elegant compared to the functional “no gifts, please.” To the 10-year-old me, … Continue reading Presence {Amelia Richardson Dress for #wholemama}

Build {#wholemama}

My kids take their legos and build as tall as they can, preferably taller than they are. They keep adding pieces to their spindly buildings until they crash down into a puddle of frustration where they gather themselves and begin again. Sometimes they give up and do something else, but most times they keep building … Continue reading Build {#wholemama}

What I’m Into | February-ish 2016

I know February is long gone, however, I still have things to say about it. And I'm the only one stopping me. Because this one is getting big too fast (here's her 5 month update) and I love seeing her interact with her people and world in different ways: And this one turned 4... How … Continue reading What I’m Into | February-ish 2016

Curiosity {Cara Meredith for #wholemama}

By Cara Meredith ----- I remember hearing the phrase, “Curiosity killed the cat” more than once as a young child – enough to know that if my curiosity got the better of me, if I let it run rampant and take control of the house, the results might not be pretty. But whose idea was … Continue reading Curiosity {Cara Meredith for #wholemama}

Create Here {#wholemama}

I think we all have an urge to create. Something. Somehow. In some way.  For me, I love to see the ways others have chosen words to tell the story of their hearts and eyes and time. How they sweat out the battle with the blank page until one of them gives in (let's face … Continue reading Create Here {#wholemama}