A dozen joys {Whole Together Family 24/31}

There are so many things I take for granted or even resent in all my entitled audacity. Every now and then it's nice to stop to notice a few them. Here are a dozen of mine. The freedom to just walk in the hills with my kiddos. I do not notice this enough. I often … Continue reading A dozen joys {Whole Together Family 24/31}

Seasons of {Whole Together Family 16/31}

  It's been a busy two or three days, and, while I did not forget about writing yesterday, I nearly did today. But it is 9:50pm. So I have time to take a few thoughts and push them into a semblance of order. I have written about this before about seasonal wholeness, particularly in motherhood, … Continue reading Seasons of {Whole Together Family 16/31}

Yes, I … {Whole Together Family 15/31}

Sometimes with these abstract ideas that argue for a deeper story it is easy to be stuck in the idealist world. Straightforward problems with logical answers, often falling into false dichotomies that say things are either one way or the other. Never both. But that just isn't the case. The human experience is so utterly … Continue reading Yes, I … {Whole Together Family 15/31}