The Wisdom of God by A.W Tozer {Book Review}

    The Wisdom of God: Letting His Truth and Goodness Direct Your Steps is a compilation of sermons/writings from theologian A.W Tozer. It would be easy to take this as a list of directions (as the subtitle implies), but if you read it mainly to deepen your understanding of God and His Wisdom, than it … Continue reading The Wisdom of God by A.W Tozer {Book Review}

“You are so fine!” :: Soul Calm {5/31}

At busy family gatherings or on playdates with my cousins or helping out after the youngest cousins were born, I remember my Aunt Chris always saying, "You are so fine." In response to so many things. I don't remember exactly what at this point in my life, but most often it came when we questioned whether or … Continue reading “You are so fine!” :: Soul Calm {5/31}


What with new things to do online and new goals, I'm spending more time then I should with my eyes taped to the screen of my iPad. It is bad news people. I do way too much on this little device and it keeps me from my babies sometimes. I read books, write to do … Continue reading De-screened.