On this sometimes cantankerous point of blogging – and not.

Sometimes I feel like I'm trying too hard, but not often. Most of the time I feel like I'm not trying hard enough and their must be something more I should be doing. But here in my little writerly world I feel like I've been trying too hard to write only in a certain way … Continue reading On this sometimes cantankerous point of blogging – and not.

a holy mosaic {#wholemama}

Birth is the place I want to deny my own motherhood. To seperate myself from the loud groaning, the uncontrollable actions of my own body, and the discussions of said body's performance that inevitably follow this life changing event.  I reach into the depth of myself and get to know the instinctual motions of childbirth, … Continue reading a holy mosaic {#wholemama}

Something we choose {#wholemama}

Happy September, All!  My younger one turns two next week. I can't believe it. My older one will be three and a half on the same day and our baby is due five days after that. Five days before our 4.5 year mark in our marriage.  This might tell you something about what my 'purpose' … Continue reading Something we choose {#wholemama}