Just for Fun: Collections of Words from Other People

I've been loving these songs: "Joy" by Tori Harper: The chorus is my favorite part. Which is lucky because it repeats a bit. "Your joy is greater than a thousand sorrows and Your love will conquer all of my tomorrows It fills my heart, the sound of Your song." Listen on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=V_rC_qWlpjI&app=desktop Tori's other … Continue reading Just for Fun: Collections of Words from Other People

Whole-list-ical (6.19.17)

  Here are a few helpful, funny ,or inspiring things to boost your Monday or just entertain your brain while you wash the dishes. Because really, is anyone ever really caught up on the dishes? It feels like a myth to me. But anyways. Here's some fun/smart to stave off the Monday blues. ---- Good … Continue reading Whole-list-ical (6.19.17)

The Adaptable Nature of Words (Day 4) 

​I have high expectations for words. I've always been more of a word person then anything else. I prefer written instructions, read eons of books, and have a distinct need to know my own life in a verbal fashion, as much as possible. I even learned an extra language. It's just what I do.  I … Continue reading The Adaptable Nature of Words (Day 4) 

Kindness on the Homefront

So the words have been stuck in my head lately. Just stuck. Do you know what I mean? I have some topics all lined up that are interesting to me and make me want to write them, but waiting til I know what and how to write them somehow also becomes part of that game. … Continue reading Kindness on the Homefront

Because sometimes? Chatter.

So I've been OD-ing on Parenthood. So funny. Kinda cute. Kinda real. Not the cleanest thing in the world, but perfect for getting me through some extra long days of Israel being out of town. Work. Work. Work. We're hoping it will let up a little. Between a conference and the normal scheduled out of … Continue reading Because sometimes? Chatter.

The Value of a Thing is Not in Its Name

Marriage is an adjustment. Our first year seemed pretty easy to me. Then we added some kids and work and life started to seemed a little more like life and less like a fairy tale. Adding to life feeling like well, just life, were my presuppositions about being a wife and how I was applying … Continue reading The Value of a Thing is Not in Its Name

Words. and Grace. And Jesus.

So today I rearranged the living room. It's all switched around and now it seems like it flows better with the rest of the house. And I feel like I have more decorating leeway and power. A better base to make pretty. We also squeezed in a trip to the park with friends. And I … Continue reading Words. and Grace. And Jesus.

11: connect with your words.

When enforcing a rule or a boundary it is easy to get stuck in angry mama mode and only tell him what he can't do or what he's doing wrong. It is important that I not limit my words to the negative. Especially since I'm not generally overly talkative with my kidlets it's important that … Continue reading 11: connect with your words.