Kindness on the Homefront

So the words have been stuck in my head lately. Just stuck. Do you know what I mean? I have some topics all lined up that are interesting to me and make me want to write them, but waiting til I know what and how to write them somehow also becomes part of that game. … Continue reading Kindness on the Homefront

Because sometimes? Chatter.

So I've been OD-ing on Parenthood. So funny. Kinda cute. Kinda real. Not the cleanest thing in the world, but perfect for getting me through some extra long days of Israel being out of town. Work. Work. Work. We're hoping it will let up a little. Between a conference and the normal scheduled out of … Continue reading Because sometimes? Chatter.

The Value of a Thing is Not in Its Name

Marriage is an adjustment. Our first year seemed pretty easy to me. Then we added some kids and work and life started to seemed a little more like life and less like a fairy tale. Adding to life feeling like well, just life, were my presuppositions about being a wife and how I was applying … Continue reading The Value of a Thing is Not in Its Name