Interact, Challenge, and Write ::: Ideas worth sharing :::

Here's my monthly conglomeration of posts I've appreciated or found noteworthy this month. The first group has to do with how we react to and interact with other people. The second set has thoughtful posts on feminism, christianity and the gospel. And the last set has to do with writing true. Visit around and tell … Continue reading Interact, Challenge, and Write ::: Ideas worth sharing :::

Write {five minute friday}

Write. Write the way you are. Write the way you want to be. Write. Write me a letter from my soul, I'll read it. Write me about who I am and what I'm supposed to do. Write to me about me I'd like to know what's going on to. I think that's why I write. … Continue reading Write {five minute friday}

Hero {Five Minute Friday}

----- Start. --- My littlest Hero came to me almost two years ago. He's half my height, but he keeps me on the straight and narrow, fills my life with joy, and makes this momma's heart glad with every smile. My hero leaves his blocks on the floor and then helps me pick them up … Continue reading Hero {Five Minute Friday}