Better {Five Minute Friday}

Five Minute Friday is five minutes of free writing on a specific word. Just for fun and practice and getting past the fear of not posting something long or perfect. Here's mine for today on the word 'better'. If I want to become a better writer this year what does that even mean? More creative? … Continue reading Better {Five Minute Friday}

Rain {Five Minute Friday and a writerly opportunity}

As far as I remember, it has rained all of once in the last three months. The sidewalk chalk was gradually wearing off scuff by little scuff. One of our trees seems to have chosen to let a few leaves go by the wayside. Hopefully those parts of the tree will just come back next … Continue reading Rain {Five Minute Friday and a writerly opportunity}

Enjoy Frivolous Things:: soul calm {14/31}

I scribbled this out a few weeks ago, but never posted it for some reason.  But today in my pursuit of soul calm I've found the need to allow myself to enjoy the things I have or just like but don't need. So here's a ramble on something I am enjoying  lately. Besides chocolate and … Continue reading Enjoy Frivolous Things:: soul calm {14/31}

Introducing Esther! {#WholeMama}

This is going to be such fun summer of writing and encouraging! Next week we'll kick off with a word and the rest of the fun. And this week we're doing introductions! We're doing video itro because what's more fun than hearing the actua voice and seeing the face of those people we mostly only … Continue reading Introducing Esther! {#WholeMama}