#Wholemama is a twice monthly writing prompt and linkup. The post and linkup go live here on the first and third Tuesdays of each month.

Our Facebook group is where we stay in touch, choose words, preview the words even earlier, and share a little more. It’s also where I find and contact our contributors for guest posts. Feel free to meet us there!


Upcoming prompts: 

Linkups/prompts for Summer 2016! Please notice the new schedule! We will be having prompted linkups every first and third Tuesday.

May 3: Mend
May 17: Together
May 31: no prompt, some TBA fun, linkup for favorite posts

June 7 : Play
June 21: Challenge

July 5: Spontaneous
July 19: Gentle

August 2: love
August 16: free
August 30: TBA fun + linkup for fave posts.


#Wholemama began as a summer project in 2015 with Esther Emery. We wanted to commit to writing on our blogs once a week. We needed to invite our mothering lives into our artistic lives into our spiritual lives. So we started our #wholemama community with many words, our favorite people, and the weekly linkup. You can find those inspiring posts right here. 

These days, #Wholemama is a community of women writing free and full about being a mama and a creative, how life is and might be, and how our faith in God and who He is fits into it all.

It’s telling stories.

It’s being women.

It’s making room.

It’s embracing tension.

That is #wholemama.


#Wholemama is…

In my words:

It’s about knowing where I am, and who I am, and who my people are. It’s about choosing to be my whole self a little more.

It’s when, maybe, instead of focusing solely on cherishing the little years, I can intentionally expand my focus to living whole and ourselves in the little years,  so I can then move towards my kids with more gracious generosity instead of cautious parsimoniousness.

It’s an invitation to be my ordinary in this great big world, because maybe everyone else is just being their ordinary and that’s really how God keeps the world spinning.

It’s about realizing that being a mother as me means being me.


In Their Words:

For me, being part of the #wholemama group has been a way to embrace motherhood head-on while being part of a community of women who celebrate the other parts of our identities, too. – Katie Faulk


#Wholemama is a place where I can create, connect and be encouraged on this journey of motherhood. – Inez Bayardo


#Wholemama has connected me to mothers of different ages and stages of motherhood. It’s been a great way to encourage and be encouraged by other mothers. The age difference doesn’t seem to matter as we interact with each other. I have been blessed by this group! – Gayl Wright


In #wholemama, I have found a tribe of women who engage one another on a deep soul connecting level as we strive to reconcile our relationships to God, love others and figure out how to be whole.  – Sarah Scott


When I started writing with #wholemama, it was really because I liked the idea of a one-word writing prompt. It seemed like a fun challenge and a good way to keep myself writing in the crazy days of summer. I was surprised to discover that there were real relationships emerging as we got to know each other. I love so much that this group has been a place where we’ve shared struggles and joys throughout the past few months! – Amelia Richardson Dress


I joined the group because I was following Esther Emery’s blog, although I hesitated at first because, like Gayl, my kids are mostly grown. But once a mama… My posts seemed to encourage the younger moms and their posts have gladdened my heart, as well. I haven’t contributed like I did through the summer, but I’m thankful to have connected with great women and even met a few in person and now count them as friends! – Amanda Cleary Eastep


#Wholemama has introduced me to internet friends who challenge, encourage, and deepen my faith. It is the first Internet community that truly showed me the value of getting to know the hearts and faces behind the screens, and what I found there was a new type of friendship I cherish today. – Chara Donahue


And that is the what, who, when, where, why, and how of #wholemama.

I hope you find space and grace to be yourself in your journey.

And I hope you join us here, now and again, writing and reading, as we tell our stories! 

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